Sunday, December 14, 2008

Misery loves company

It's been a rough weekend. With literally a small suitcase's worth of grading hovering over me (I mean 'literally' literally: I have a small suitcase that is full of papers and finals that I have yet to grade), 2 places I applied to set up interviews with people who are not me, and another place I applied to canceled its search. The number of places I have yet to hear from (or rather, have yet to know about via the wiki) is now about 1/3 of the total number of places I applied to. So far, 1 interview for me.

It no doubt reflects my bad character that it made me feel better to read the following, from Philosophers Anonymous:

"Searches are being canceled without warning, the number of interview slots is being shrunk, people are having to suddenly rearrange their travel itinerary, and so on. A seemingly large number of new Ph.D.'s who managed to land 4 or more interviews last year (as ABD) have zero interviews this year. It's rough out there."

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Anonymous said...

You know, that does make me feel better. (The quote, not your grading.) The number of applications I still have outstanding is shrinkly rapidly, while the number of interviews remains unchanged (at zero).

Maybe this week...